Last Night...

I have a little story that will digress into some random rant so beware...

So the following is the reason i can't seem to get out of this business. It's something that i can't experience as a teacher, the access to live shows and that feeling of knowing whats going on in the music biz...i just can't shake it!!

Last night I was at work waiting around because I had a ticket to go see Wyclef and he wasn't going on til 9:30. So one of my bosses asked me if I wanted to go check out a taping for Mary J. So i said hell yeah! and headed over to the show. It was amazing! I had never seen Mary live so it was a great experience. It was a cool vibe...saw a lot of people I know from my old job and from around the company and what not...

Now at the end of the show, it's 9:30 so I head over to Wyclef at Nokia theater. His show was was such a big mix of everything and it felt like a big party...partly because of the music and partly because of the random wiffs of weed and strong smell of beer hahaha. Good vibes...all kinds of people. He had Pras come out and do some Fugee songs, Pras also did his one hit "Ghetto Superstar" (i seriously think he needs to let that one go already). All in was a great show! issue was this...PEOPLE DON'T KNOW HOW TO ACT!!! So when I first got there I went up to the front where my coworker was waiting.

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Now...let me tell you my least favorite kind of people and if the ENTIRE title applies to you then yes you are one of my least favorite people. "Loud Drunk Obnoxious College White Girls" Ok...I know that might sound wrong but let me tell you why they annoy the hell out of me. You see these chicks give every group they belong to a bad name: loud people, drunk people, college students, white people and women. See i have no problems with any people in those groups...but DAMN all of them??? I can't take it!!!

Ok back to my I get there and there's a chick yelling at the top of her lungs in the middle of every song...saying the dumbest shit random shit. She is also singing the wrong words to the songs and off beat and whatever...people are drinking i get it she's drunk whatever. Moving on to the other girl next to her....can barely stand (let alone dance) and remember this is a Wyclef concert so you have all kinds of people everywhere...including what i like to call your macho Caribbean man. So this dude...seems like he's drunk...just wants to feel up on some ass...he goes up to that girl and she starts grinding on him...then turns around and starts making out with him. THEN after a few minutes she's like a little cat cuddling up on him and shit!! I'm like...are u fucking kidding me??? I mean god forgive me for saying this...but THATS why fucking chicks go missing or get killed in an alley and random shit like that!!! I dont understand how u can be super drunk and just get so emotionally attached to a random man that OBVIOUSLY just wants to fuck you!!! (IF THAT!) cuz this dude walked away from her at one point lol and she was left standing there all out of it...she looked like a sad puppy. Aaanyway...later on the guy came back and made out with her some more. Funny shit is he was near he leans in at one point and says something in creole while putting his hand around my waist for less than 2 seconds before i grabbed his hand and moved it away while i kept nodding and saying "ok alright whatever go away" LMAO so he went back to his drunk chick.

So this might sound fucked up...but i feel like a lot of the shit that happens out there happens to these "Loud Drunk Obnoxious College White Girls" because maybe daddy didnt do what they wanted daddy to do for them...whatever...i won't knock them anymore than i already have. my point is this...teach your damn kids to not be so goddamn needy that they have to get drunk at a concert and turn to some perv for comfort!!! Feel ME?!?!

I warned you guys...i got a little angry here...but at least i didnt hold it in lol


first of alllll, can i have ur job? haha. i wanna see mary j and wyclef!

anyway, regarding the LDOCWGs, i remember seeing similar situations like that in college (happy to say it was rare tho...i think) and my sober ass would just be sitting there shaking my head, tsk tsk tsk

January 18, 2008 at 9:41 AM  

Yes, I have to agree-put that all together in one segment of the population and it is friggin annoying!

Two great shows in one night, I am jealous!

January 19, 2008 at 12:13 PM  

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