Hit Me Up Telemundo!

Ok so now that I got into the whole TV diversity and whatnot conversation, I'll keep this ball rolling.

Here's the point...WE must get it right FIRST before anyone else does!!!

So today I was thinking about the TV situation, how it's all set up and how we aren't accurately represented. Then I thought...well we have our own damn channels and we STILL aren't accurately represented. I mean how many of you Latinos out there know women that walk around in scantily clad clothing and wait around for a man with 5 first names to come and rescue them yet cry anytime that man yells or threatens to leave? Ok so we have some of these characteristics in SOME women we know, but these novelas don't represent anyone I know or even heard of in my lifetime. That said...let me move on to my point...

When is Telemundo (I say Telemundo and not Univision because their ties with NBC makes me expect more from them) going to start making a positive impact on our society?

Here's the ideal situation...I hope to live in a world where my future teenage daughter can have the option of watching the latest drama on NBC, ABC, etc or watching the same kind of show in Spanish on Telemundo or Univision. I'd like to see a cast of women that represents our society...yes one or 2 scantily clad women but MOST should be strong, positive role models for our children as well as our parents (Cuz lord knows some of our parents need positive role models too!) I can't remember the last time I watched something on Telemundo or Univision...and it has nothing to do with my age, my Spanish skills, or my taste in TV shows. I practically watch anything...BUT i just can't sit through these sissy ass women being on tv prancing around in there lycra mini skirts!!! We have to make it STOP!!! Think of it this way...for all my non-latino people...when you flip through the channels and bypass telemundo, i'm sure your response is "What the hell is that??...ok next!" (Unless you catch Laura in which case you probably stop to see the female version of Jerry Springer because that hair-pulling, face-kicking language is universal) What are we teaching people about our culture? Maybe this is part of the reason people keep calling us "exotic" like we're some damn colorful bird from the Amazon or something!

I can go on and on about this...but I'll bring up just one more quick point...I know the money is a big issue...but here's my suggestion...just go for it. Try new things because the MTV Tres population can only feed off of that channel for so long before they start to feel like it's their younger sibling's channel or even bigger, their kids' channel.

Aaaanyway...when you're ready to pave the way...I'm sure I'll be ready to take your call and write some good material for my people...so Hit Me Up Telemundo!

P.S. Amas De Casas Desesperadas??? Come on Univision...you couldn't get a little more creative? :-\


lol birds from the amazon...cawwww!

it's sad tho...and disgusting.

i remember in college watching some guy friends stop at Univision just to watch these half naked chicks jumping around like airheads. and some of my white friends would be like they look italian to me!

don't even get me started on how everyone on there is light-skinned...

so aside from the racist and sexist stuff, you still get...crappy programs! blah...

January 25, 2008 at 10:16 AM  

Oh yeah the racism issue is a WHOLE other long ass blog!! Maybe next week lol

January 25, 2008 at 10:21 AM  

Racism issue is a whole nother issue and one that i touched on in my blog. As a Latino of darker-skin, it's a shame that this occurs. When my dad was growing up in DR, he made some inroads over there in the television/radio side of things, but couldn't get a job because they were stuck on the whole white looking stuff. I fear I might die before I see a dark skinned latino or afro-latino on an univision nightly newscast. Problem is...No one says nothing about it.

Half these people on Univision and Telemundo aren't even Latino. They are mostly from Lebanon as are those people in the Novelas. Even the ones that are Latino are of Spaniard descent so that's why they look whiter...

Don't even get me started how Latin Americans and Caribbean Latinos think them and Spaniards are one in the same. Get educated people. Spaniards are white. They may speak the same language, but they definitely don't look at us the same.

My 2 cents.

January 25, 2008 at 3:48 PM  

I never really thought about it like that. I know I have white friends at work that watch the spanish channels to look at the girls. I do admit the most beautifulest women on this earth are latina but they are more than just beautiful. They should also be portrayed as the strong intelligent people that they are.

Side note: One role model for men everywhere is Don Francisco..He's ugly, old, fat and still has all these dope girls around.. LOL!

January 27, 2008 at 3:40 PM  

lol..did you know that don francisco is a German Jew? His family fled to Chile during the Holocaust.

January 28, 2008 at 9:22 AM  

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