Woooow! That's what I said when I saw Usher on TRL today... Check out the video and if you start to get bored just fast forward to about 2:20 to get your Instant Usher Rantification (yeah I made up the word...so?!?)

Usher...seriously??? I mean come on...some of us still can't get over the fact that you and Chilli aren't together. It also doesn't help that the new album doesn't meet the Chilli and post-Chilli greatness you gave us years back :-\ So let us hate...we'll get over it sooner or later.

Moving on...

OK so...in honor of trying to turn things around here and heading towards the "Musical Laughter" direction...

So this past weekend I was driving with my cousin, a song comes on the radio (i had never heard it...ever) and she starts singing all the words to it "...I kissed a girl and i liked it...the taste of her cherry chapstick...I kissed a girl just to try it...I hope my boyfriend dont mind it..."

I thought this was really funny...and def catchy...so I go do my research and here are the basics:

Katy Perry
Age: 23
From: Santa Barbara, CA
Interesting... She was a Christian Gospel singer and now this lol

Check out the other track "Ur So Gay"... THAT one is really funny. I think what adds to this is that she actually has a good voice so as much as some of you borderline conservatives out there don't want to like her...you're gonna have trouble finding a reason without outing your right wing ways!!

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