Three Sixty-Que?

So obviously we are big blog 365 loserrrrrs! Going back to fill in missed days is just not something I look forward to so I will officially state that we are done with it. While it's a great idea and I commend all of the blog troopers out there, I just feel that writing should not be least not all the time. Sometimes it's a struggle for me personally because a lot of the things I do feel like writing about are somewhat personal and I just don't know how much I want to put out into the interweb. I need to get over it tho.

Tuesday morning after a 3 day weekend and I feel tired from doing nothing all weekend. I went outside once in the past 3 days and that was to buy a new sim card for my phone. (I hate T-mobile by the way...just thought I'd put that out there in case someone googles T-mobile and ends up here after looking through 300 pages of search results). It was one of those lazy weekends. I spent Saturday and Sunday at home with the The BF watching tv and doing things couples do. Watched 3 movies...Quinceneara, Good Luck Chuck, and The Nanny Diaries. TV sucks extra ass these days. Yesterday I read for school and made brownies! Yum.

Oh and I paid of my credit card this weekend. That was exciting! =/ =)

Oo, for all those Project Runway viewers, Christian was standing next to me on the train the other day. Good thing I don't see "celebs" (for lack of a better word) on the reg because I just stare at them from the corner of my eye like a weirdo. Anyway, I think he has a good chance of winning but we'll see because everyone that's left is pretty good.

Ok so let me start out by saying that I enjoyed the show last night. It was nice to see the Grammy's get back into the entire spectrum of music and not just the songs we've heard a million and one times before.

Top 5 2008 Grammy Moments

5. Herbie Hancock Wins Album of the year. I have to say I was like "WTF?" (see below) but I think it's about time the Grammy's really get out there and celebrate something other than hip-hop, pop and country. (at least ON the show...not like the other categories that you only hear about right before commercials)

4. Beyonce and Tina perform. Seeing as how we ALL know Beyonce wants to be was great to see them rock it out together. I kind of wish they wouldve coordinated their outfits more or not at all cuz it was a bit jarring to see them in different shades of silver and one in super tight pants while the other had none at all. :-\ was still a good performance.

3. Amy's Face When She Won. I have to say I wanted to give Amy Winehouse a hug when I saw her face. It's almost like she still doesn't believe she's great. Maybe this will help her stay in rehab and come back with some new music. I also loved when she thanked "RAY RAYYYYY" she sounded like she was straight from the hood and ray ray was her baby daddy. lol Get Well Soon Amy!!

2. Kanye's "Mama" Performance. I don't think I've ever gotten teary eyed during the Grammy's. This was a great performance and it was kind of crazy to watch him get through it.

1. Kanye Telling Producers to Shut the Music Off. Ok now I know it might be crazy for me to include another Kanye moment but he desereves this one... Sometimes people get up to accept their award and you start to fall asleep and you want the music to come on, but in the middle of someone thanking his dead mother???? WTF??? So I LOVED the fact that he was very composed and politely said "I think it would be in good taste to shut the music off right now" and everyone clapped for him. Good Job Kanye!!!

I know tons of other great things happened during the Grammy's and it might be a shock to some that I didn't include Alicia Keys in here at least because I'm a fan of her music...BUT I have to be fair...she did as great as we'd expect her to do (both times) so moving on!

Now I'd like to have another category cuz a few things happened that didn't necessarily ruin the show but made me be like "WTF??" lol

Top 5 2008 Grammy WTF Moments

5. Herbie Hancock winning the award for album of the year. So I know in retrospect it was a great moment but when this first happened I made the Scooby doo noise like "wtf?" But I'm over it and I'm glad it happened that way. Kanye can't really get mad at Herbie. :-)

4. Bartender being nominated for a Grammy. I know this was a hit and all but "wtf?" It was nominated for Best R&B Song by a Duo. Is this what R&B has become? I just can't imagine some old fogies sitting in an office like "How about that T-Pain song? That was a great song lyrically and musically!" lol Thank God it didn't win...Chaka Khan feat Mary J Blige won. Phew...thats was close!

3. All the Kanye Attacks. I'm not writing this blog to defend Kanye but it seems a few things happened to him last night that needed to be pointed out. First of all Vince Gil? I mean the whole "I got a Grammy from a Beatle. Has that happened to you yet Kanye?" I was like what? Who are u? Aaaanyway... lol USHER..."wtf?"...not only did Vince Gil try to knock Kanye first but where have YOU been? I mean this is soooooo 2007. The entire world took jabs on Kanye after his little tantrum. The joke is old by now. At least let it sit for a while and bring it back in 2009 or something!

2. Chris Brown's Red Pants. I'm sorry but when this boy came out...I was like "WTF?" lol His BRIGHT red pants almost made me miss the awkward moment during his little "Parents Just Don't Understand" speech. lol There was a silent moment before Akon jumped in there and was like um ok. Also...I forgot Solange was there...did she speak or did I miss it during the bright red pants blinding?

1. Kid Rock hitting on old lady Keely Smith. He made not one but TWO comments that made me believe he wanted to bag this old lady!!! If she wasn't giggling like a little girl...I'd think this was disrespectful. That def STILL has me like "WTF?"

Like I said...tons of other stuff happened at the Grammy's like Rihanna looking like Prince and whatnot...but these are the things that stuck in my mind the day after. :-)

Good thing the writer's strike didn't affect this cuz it seems the Grammy's made me like Kanye again!

Super Tuesday

So today was Super Tuesday!

I have soo much to say about so many aspects of this...but I don't have the energy to do it right now. And it just makes me upset. Apologies to our dear fans lol...



I don't really like football but I usually watch the Superbowl, at least for the commercials. Gotta support New York tho! Went to my cousin's crib in Yonkers, along with my sis and the BF, and watched pretty much the whole game. And ate a lot, again!! So much for eating healthy. I heard Superbowl Sunday is the 2nd biggest eating day after Thanksgiving and I believe it buddy...

I like how after the Janet Jackson boob incident, they've only had certain kind of artists perform during the main half time show...


Spent the day with some of the cousins today in Jers. We ate soooo much...=/

"And it's so haaard..."

Weiner Circle

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