So in less than 2 hours I'm getting not 1 but 2 root canals!! Ive never had one before but I just don't like the name of it. I went to the dentists and had to ask what a root canal was exactly and it turns out it's supposed to be done so that you are NOT in pain. Go figure! Basically they pull out your nerves and stuff the hole. How fun!!

But basically what makes me mad is that I have to get this in the first place. I blame it on society!! lol Why? Because if my parents wouldve been rich, my mom wouldve taken me to the dentist all the time and taken care of simple things like a small cavity. So later in life it becomes secondary and you go to one of those dentists that work out of their apartment in the heights because u dont need insurance there but every time they tell u something is gonna cost over $75 you're like "oh my god that's a lot...forget it!" lol

Oh well...whatever the case...I gotta go take care of it because i do love my teeth :-D

Im gonna go into the dentist's office and just let them numb my mouth then blast my ipod so i can drown out the drilling noise. (oh my God im squirming just thinking of the sound and the feeling of the drill touching my teeth aaaaaaaaaaah!!!) Im gonna go listen to the new Alicia Keys album...go cop's out today!!! :-)

Wish me luck! :-(

Saturday Evening

BroJimmys 004

BroJimmys 003

I was amused.


So last night I went to a Bachelorette party. We had so much fun. The stripper was hilarious - I mean he was able to pick everyone up and let's just say there were some big girls. So the whole time he's dancing in his thong and I'm like whatever u know they put a rubberband usually to keep the blood and they have that long socket so it looks more than what it is... but to my surprise he went butt naked and it was real! I was like wow. He didn't do anything to me at all b/c he was more after the girls that were like no no not me.. haha.. and u know me I was there like trying to see if it was real and grabbing his my aunt was the funniest, she's like no no no no.. then he takes her and she's like smacking his ass.. i'm like oh oh pero dique no queria. lol. Then me and the bachelorette wanted to crash the guys bachelorrette party.. we're like we know them they would have so much more fun w/ us... lol. and apparantly no one agreed.. it was like almost 2am and we figured they're drunk and have already done all the dirty stuff right? lol.. anyways pt is my brother did call me and wanted to chill - he's like aww we're mad bent - you guys should have came.. blah blah. Whatever now i'm just talking crap on this thing...

What if...

I walked over to a black guy and started a conversation, then mid conversation I say "Hey you should meet my friend...he's black too!!"

or if...

I told my Irish coworker "Hey my friend is Irish, you guys should meet!"

It just seems odd right... Sooooo why is it ok for people to feel like they need to introduce me to every Dominican they meet?

Ok so I'm a little torn on this topic because I feel like it depends on the situation. For example, if I was in a place where there aren't too many Dominicans...such aaaaaas I dont know Switzerland...then I say it's cool to meet other Dominicans and have people you can relate to. But this is New York... we have the highest number of Dominicans outside of the Dominican Republic.

So this is what happened... Last night I'm at a party for work. One of my coworkers from my previous job is now working with a Producer who's Dominican so he pulls me over to this very nice Dominican girl, asks us if we want any drinks and then makes his way over to the bar leaving the two Dominican strangers to some awkward conversation. So she asks me about work and I ask her about work. She asks me where I live and I ask her where she lives. Lots of small talk interjected by awkward pauses. So that's when I stop and think to myself..."I was better off over with my non Dominican friends drinking, dancing and singing along to whatever random song the DJ played. So what am I doing here with a Dominican stranger? Do I have to love her and be her best friend just cuz she's dominican? Cuz if so...I think I love about 600,000 people in this city."

Don't get me wrong... I love my people...but that's no reason to think I need to absolutely meet every single one of them.

Whatever happened to meeting people cuz you seem like you would click?

So check this out. This dude sees this girl on the 5 train, decides he wants to look for her so he makes this little website and actually finds her! I wonder if they'll live happily ever after.

I gotta say, I love sappy-it's-a-small-world-kind-of-love stories. I hope they make it just so they can tell that story everytime somebody asks them, "So how did you guys meet?"

Whenever I go on craigslist, I always check out the missed connections section. (Sometimes I search for myself on there just for the hell of it. Lol. Don't tell nobody.) Anyway, I wonder how many of these people are ridiculousy optimistic and think they'll actually find that random person they saw transferring from one train to the other during rush hour on Monday morning wearing a black coat in Manhattan. Guess we just need to grow some balls. If you feel that weak tingly feeling (and no not THAT kind of feeling...well i guess that one too but that's a whole 'nother thing) when you made eye contact with some random person, then dammit! go talk to them.

Then again, I wouldn't.

Yay I'm so hapy we have a blog...too bad we ain't got shit to say yet...

Hmm Musical this mornign I got a text from Adamo (mine and cc's friend from HS) And he says "If you want to smile put on Hot 97...your song is on...i can't front i like that song too"

Funny I knew exactly what song he was talking about Alicia Keys' "No One"

To which i text back "Boooo i dont have FM radio but i do have the whole album on my ipod so I've already been smiling for days"

And he said "Wow thanks for making me feel like a loser"


The end!

Hey we gotta start somewhere! :-)

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