You guys all remember those boring history classes (at least those of you who hated history as much as I did). It was a whole lot of which countries fought each other, who got killed etc. It may all sound fun when I put it that way...but somehow the books just sucked history dry of fun. Then we have the things that weren't even in all those chapters we had to read and the things that happened WHILE we were reading the history books and no one cared to inform us.

So yesterday I had a lazy Sunday and as I'm looking for something to replace my old "CourtTV Fix" (you know with all the crime shows) now that CourtTV has been changed to TruTV and seems to look a lot like Spike TV with all their "Wild Car Crashes / Most Unbelievably Stupid Crimes / The State Trooper Gets Shot During A Random Traffic Stop" Shows. I find myself watching the History Channel. Now I know that at least a year ago, the History channel was literally one of my boring history books from high school slammed onto my tv. Yesterday...I discovered this might be one of my favorite channels from now on. It's like they tricked me into learning some interesting shit.

So here's the lineup of what I watched (2 of the 3 had nothing to do with any history but technically...i guess it fit)

Shootout: North Hollywood Shootout (1 hr)

"This is the story of the fiercest gun battle in US police history. On February 28, 1997, a high-stakes bank robbery went awry and devolved into an urban firefight that became one of the most violent shootouts in law enforcement history. With TV cameras capturing the action from above, two paramilitary-style gunmen take over a bank using terrorist technology. Donning full body armor and automatic weapons, they charge out of a Bank of America branch in North Hollywood, California, and with brutal and brazen disregard, they fire armor-piercing ammo at police and citizens, turning a congested residential area into a combat zone that ends with deaths and numerous injuries. Police on the scene that day recount their ordeal that very dangerous day."

**Notice how the description sounds all historical and shit! lol this was super entertaining tho.

Hippies (2hrs)

"The Hippie movement was the most controversial and influential of modern times. Free love, the peace movement, drugs, Eastern religions and communes are explored. Meet the figures whose words and actions inspired it and destroyed it. See how the vibrations from that era are still resonating today in almost every aspect of American life, from the clothes we wear, to the Personal Computer and the Internet. Finally, historic footage, stills and period graphics are interwoven with expert commentary and eyewitness testimony."

**This was the only historical 1 of the 3 and it was great! The entire hippie movement goes way beyond the whole peace and love thing...oh and I'm kind of excited to know Steve Jobs and the other Apple dude were that must be why Macs and iPods are like a drug and give you that great feeling lol.

Breaking Vegas (2 hrs)

"They were "Whales"--the highest of high rollers. Treated like royalty by casinos worldwide, they won millions throughout the early to mid-1990s. And nobody had a clue that they were MIT students, part of an underground blackjack team--card counters who used mathematical wizardry to win. In this 2-hour special, we chronicle the true story of the rise and fall of the MIT Blackjack Team, featuring interviews with Ben Mezrich, author of Bringing Down the House, casino executives, security experts, and actual members of the team."

**This made me wish I had crazy math skills so I can go to Vegas and get me some cash. lol

Aaaanyway...I guess the point of this post is to let you know you should give the History Channel a chance once in a while lol.

This coming from a person who hated history in school.


It's definitely one of those staring-at-the-clock-until-it's-time-to-leave kind of days...

I'm on the Daily News website and I just read an article about a man in Queens that was coming home from a party and was shot. They included all these details about him wanting to get his GED and turn his life around. the end of the article, this random statement:

"Meanwhile, a 23-year-old Bronx man was found fatally shot in the head inside his silver Ford Expedition SUV parked on (insert address here) about 2:15 a.m., police said."

Now aside from the fact that this is random...I have to say this bothers me for plenty of reasons. This happened about 2 houses down, right across the street from my house. Those of you that know where I live, you know my neighborhood is pretty quiet. If you come around any time after 11pm when the grocery store closes, you will find NO ONE in the streets.

So Friday night, I'm at my cousin's house having pizza and watching TV and I came home at about 1am with my 10 year old niece. Then we realized she left her mp3 player and I called my cousin to bring it by when she came to pick up her brother from hanging out at his friend's house down the street. She showed up at about 1:45 and I had my niece meet my cousin at the door to pick it up. We head to bed and are watching TV when I hear a pop (obvious now that it was a gunshot) and then 2 cars speeding away. Call me crazy but I didn't even look outside or anything. I just thought nothing of it and went to sleep.

The next morning, everyone is talking about someone being shot outside and very few details are known etc, etc. There are still tire tracks of blood on our street so I don't know what happened but it must've been pretty crazy.

This is a big thing for people around here cuz this kind of stuff never happens around here. (I guess that's what everyone says lol)

It's just kind of nuts to think about the whole situation and how it gets no coverage. We probably will never know who got killed, who did it, why, etc. Then it makes me many times this happens all over the city and no one knows about it. The news and papers can only cover so much.

I just think, this guy had to have a mother somewhere...then again maybe not. Someone has to be grieving for him right?

Have we become so cold that it just doesn't matter anymore? My 10 year old niece didn't even flinch when she found out about this the next morning. (she was actually the one that said...hey look there's blood in the middle of the street)

I can't lie...I'm pretty curious to know exactly what happened...the first thing I thought about were the details of the crime in an SVU / Forensic Files type of way. Are we all obsessed with crime?

Aaaanyway...I guess such is life :-\

Ok so we're not gonna get all crazy about politics on Musical Laughter...but this is more about the it def fits!!

I think we have 2 classic quotes from this...

"Bitch might be the new Black, but Black is the new president, bitch!" hahahhaaa

If Hillary can be president because she was married to the president then Robin Givens would be the heavyweight champion of the world!! LMAO

Agree or not...that shit was funny!!

Awww I miss Tracy on SNL :-\


Sorry Eminem, but this is funny...still heart u tho! or the old u? haha...


Saturday night I got home around 4 something in the morning (formerly known as 3 something in the morning. i heart daylight savings). It was soo windy and cold that night. Tired and ready to go straight to bed, I grabbed the nearest shorts, 2 blankets and knocked out.

A couple of hours later during some really deep sleep, I get woken up by my sister, "They said there's a fire in the building!"

I did not hesitate for a second, which we both laughed about later on. Maybe it's some sisterly connection but I looked at her and knew it wasn't a joke.

You always wonder what you would take with you in case of a, the dog, bla bla bla. Well I didn't ask any questions. I knew the fire obviously wasn't in our apt but I didn't know if it was nearby or not. First thing I did was look for some sneakers to put on. Then I grabbed my coat. Everything (credit card, debit card, ID) was in one purse from the night before so I took that. Grabbed the cell phone off the charger. Looked back at my computer thinking "sorry dude =/". And out we went.

People were running out with their babies wrapped in all wrapped up...eye crusties everywhere... little kids crying 'cause they were scared. One little girl asked to borrow my cell phone 'cause her daddy hadn't come outside yet. My little cousin was dragged outside in his boxers.

It turned out it wasn't a big thing. Well it was for the people who live in the apartment that was on fire but the main inconvenience for the rest of us was almost having a heart attack and the terrible smoke smell that still lingers in the hallway. Oh, and it was freaking cold outside. Wasn't a good night to choose to sleep in shorts. The rumor is that some couple was having an argument and either one of them knocked a candle over or purposely set the place on fire. Dra-ma!

It's sad to know we haven't written since February...but I refuse to give up completely. So to kick things back into gear...I'll tell you a little story.

So my sister was out to dinner with her husband, my 10 year old niece and my 18 year old nephew. The check comes an my sister offers to pay. Her husband asks if she's sure and my niece jumps in and says "remember daddy, she's a working girl." My sister's mind automatically jumps to the wrong place and she says "Oh we can't say that "working girl" is a bad word...that means prostitute." Then my sister catches herself and realizes that my niece probably doesn't even know what a prostitute is so she asks her and my niece responds "Yeah it's the lawyer who accuses the suspect." So my sister explains that the lawyer is a prosecutor and a prostitute is a woman who has sex for money. lol My nephew felt it wasn't necessary to tell her what it meant but my sister told him the story of when he came home and asked what "gay" meant and she said gay was happy. He then went on to ask "oh so am i gay?" So she had to explain. lol

Aaaanyway...kind of makes me wonder...was my sister wrong to jump the gun when my niece said "working girl"? I don't really think it was necessary to go there. Do i think she should've told her what a prostitute was once she mentioned it?...absolutely...cuz for all we know she would've gone around telling people she wanted to be a prostitute when she grows up when she really meant a prosecutor. lol

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