For my Asian peeps...

Ok...So sometimes I get caught up in the whole "boohoo there aren't enough latinos on TV, in movies, etc etc." Yes it's true...BUT what about our Asian peeps? Now I have to say this because it's not til you see a small change that you realize how much further we have to get.

So I'm watching Cashmere Mafia (hey...the writer's strike has me desperate for some drama) The show is decent...but my FAVORITE part about it is seeing Lucy Liu in a starring role on primetime TV not being "the Asian girl". Now I know what you guys think...she never plays "the Asian girl" BUT there's more. So I'm watching tonight's episode right now and her mom set her up with "a good Chinese boy" (you know the typical mom thing to do) so she meets the guy and he's hot... not like "oh kinda cute"...but hot. Now this doesn't usually happen on TV...stop for a second and think of how many Asian men you've seen on TV playing "the hot" the type of hot guy that doesn't do martial arts and speaks English perfectly and has more than one line etc, etc... exactly!

Moving on... Funny thing this episode..he admits that he "doesn't really go for Chinese women" I know this might sound messed up, but let's be realistic...doesn't it sound familiar? I mean he makes a good point, his mom has pushed so hard for him to go for the "good Chinese girl" that he runs in the opposite direction. (This sounds like most of us to me...but whatever) I hope she keeps dating this hot Chinese neuro-surgeon so that maybe others will follow. (oh just saw the preview for next week...guess he wont be back)

Anyway...I guess my point is... Kudos to the writers of Cashmere Mafia for putting Asians on the forefront on primetime TV and not having them jump around doing the latest kung-fu, karate, taichi, etc moves. These writers seem to have gotten the ball rolling for once...and maybe some brave and intelligent souls will follow.

Now if we could only get some South Asian women in some leading roles, that would just be great!

Ok back our regularly scheduled program AKA Where the Hell Are the Leading Latinos on TV? (oh and props again to ABC for having Ugly Betty up there)


I have to agree-TV does not reflect the diversity in our society.

Must check out this Cashmere Mafia. I don't watch much tv, though.

January 24, 2008 at 4:02 PM  

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