Valentine's Day

Yea it's another ridiculously commercialized holiday. And we all loooove to hate it.

Even so, I'm a sucker for it. I like any day where I'm the princess lol! I haven't been single on many Valentine's days (yea that topic is a whole 'nother phrase for '08) but I've never had a great v-day. I had an okay one in 2004 but we were supposed to go this Dominican restaurant in Philly and he was late so by the time we got there they were closing up. Besides that, my 3 previous long term relationships all ended on or right around Valentine's Day. So any good memory of this day is blocked my memories of swollen eyes and tissue paper.

So my dear BF, who reads this blog but doesn't comment because he feels like he shouldn't be reading in the first place, the pressure is on! hahah

I've got something up my sleeve tho for my sweet prince of the ghetto. I'm excited.

I started school this week! AAAAH!

I’m tired. It’s been a while since I’ve had to sit in one seat for 2.5 hours WHILE paying attention. It went pretty well. I felt like such a freshman yesterday looking for the classroom lol. Professors seem interesting so far. It’s funny…’cause in undergrad (at least at my school) everyone was 18-22 years old and the professor was older. Obviously, this is not the case in grad school. So I was sitting there waiting for the prof to come in and kept thinking a lot of my classmates were him…but then they would go sit down.

So not looking forward to buying books tho…boooo. So expensive. Even some of the used ones. Although I’m picky about used books. I don’t want the former owner’s highlighting and notes all over the place. My stats prof “recommends” but doesn’t require you to buy the textbook and says you can use any book. But then the syllabus is based on this one book sooo why wouldn’t I buy it again?

So that’s that. Now I have to do stuff like READ and WRITE! Speaking of which, I have to read some of the federalist papers for the gazillionth time in my life. Goodness! Definitely doesn’t seem as challenging as the ‘Ford was but we will see.


On my ride home on the train tonight, I couldn't stop thinking about the way I speak. Sometimes I wonder if people believe that the way I speak reflect my intelligence. I'm not talking about the words I use or don't use, but the accent I say them with. Oh FYI...yes I have an "accent"...Although I can't say I always knew this.

I remember freshman year in college we had a communications class, and we were going around saying what we thought about people just by the way they look, speak, etc. I only remember two things that were said about me: one, that I was a "red sportscar" type of person (at the time i thought it was cool but now i think it has to do with the whole "latins are on fire" or "hispanics are hot tamales" or whatever). The second thing was that I was from the Bronx because of my "accent". Part of me was like "wow they got this one quick!" and the other part of me was like "I have an accent?"

*For those of you that are my friends but never ran into this type of situation in college or elsewhere... I guess I have to be the first to tell you... YES you to have an accent. It might be a NY accent, a Dominican accent, maybe a specific Borough accent...but yes, you have one*

My whole life I grew up thinking my mom and my aunt's had an know like when they say "I seenk so" and "I'm bery mad". But I never really thought I kept mine from back in the day when I couldn't pronounce the word "dog" lol. Then here I am, I get to college and I feel like the loser that goes on American Idol and says "What do you mean I cant sing??? Everyone I know says I'm great!" but for some odd reason they can't seem to hear the notes they are singing.

So now at work, I obviously don't speak like my gringa counterparts and sometimes I wonder if in the corporate world (although I can't say my job is corporate) my "accent" will affect how far I get. Let me explain for those that don't know me...I don't have the Selma Hayek/Penelope Cruz accent that will get me into Hollywood for my "hotness". This is more like a toned down version of Jenny from the block. lol So at times I feel like maybe people think I come from some ghetto neighborhood and if they cross me I might bring my gang to fight them. However, I can't say that assumption bothers me as much as the assumption that I might not be as qualified to do the job as well if not better than someone else. I haven't felt this in full effect at work, but at times I listen to those around me and I can't help but wonder what they might be thinking. I feel like maybe I should teach a class on culture. Yeah so I put a little more "umph" in my speech...sue me for having some life in me and being passionate about what I'm saying!

So onto my whole life I've looked at "having an accent" as a bad thing. I know people that have worked their whole lives to get rid of theirs. I remember some time in junior high, people having mentors that taught them how to say "tea for two" in the "proper tone". My question to them now is "why do you think your "tea for two" sounds better than ours?" Point is, we have to learn to be proud of our culture and how it is reflected through our speech because in reality, these accents just say a little more about our culture. I can't say I would want to trade mine for anything because I feel like this is part of my story. There is a legit reason behind everything about us. (*tangent* It's the same as why we include so much rice in our meals...anyone know the real reason?'s simple rice is cheaper than most foods in the Dominican Republic so it's the best thing to eat and fill you up. Same thing goes for yucca and plantains... equal to potatoes for the Irish, etc, etc.) So basically, my "accent" tells my story. Was English my first language? No. Where am I from? The Bronx! Am I an educated Latina, Yes!! Is there something wrong with any of that? No Biatch!!

So as we would say... Don't get it twisted!!!

Damn this makes me want to go get a PhD or something!! :-P

Color Quiz

My results...

Your Existing Situation
Easily affected by her environment and readily moved by the emotions of others. Seeks congenial relationships and an occupation which will promote them.

Your Stress Sources
Delights in the tasteful, the gracious, and the sensitive, but maintains her attitude of critical appraisal and refuses to be swept off her feet unless genuineness and integrity can be absolutely vouched for. Therefore keeps a strict and watchful control on her emotional relationships as she must know exactly where she stands. Demands complete sincerity as a protection against her own tendency to be too trusting.

Your Restrained Characteristics
Unhappy at the resistance she feels whenever she tries to assert herself. However, she believes that there is little she can do and that she must make the best of the situation.
Able to achieve satisfaction through sexual activity.

Your Desired Objective
Feels the situation is hopeless. Strongly resists things which she finds disagreeable. Tries to shield herself from anything which might irritate her or make her feel more depressed.

Your Actual Problem
Her natural ability to examine everything with critical discrimination has been distorted into an attitude of harsh disapproval, which opposes and denigrates without regard to the real facts.


This 365 thing... tough!

Every time I try to write, either I'm staring at a blank screen or I delete everything! Arg!

Anyway, don't you hate when you have a song stuck in your head but you don't really know all the words to it...this has been it lately:

Well you done done me and you bet I felt it
I tried to be chill but you're so hot that I melted
I fell right through the cracks
and now I'm trying to get back
Before the cool done run out
I'll be giving it my bestest
Nothing's going to stop me but divine intervention
I reckon it's again my turn
to win some or learn some

I won't hesitate no more, no more
It cannot wait, I'm yours

Well open up your mind and see like me
Open up your plans and damn you're free
Look into your heart and you'll find love, love, love
Listen to the music of the moment maybe sing with me
A la peaceful melody
It's your God-forsaken right to be loved love loved love loved

So I won't hesitate no more, no more
It cannot wait, I'm sure
There's no need to complicate
Our time is shortT
his is our fate, I'm yours

I've been spending way too long checking my tongue in the mirror
And bending over backwards just to try to see it clearer
My breath fogged up the glass
And so I drew a new face and laughed
I guess what i'ma saying is there ain't no better reason
To rid yourself of vanity and just go with the seasons
It's what we aim to do
Our name is our virtue...

-Jason Mraz, "I'm Yours"

Since everyone wants to have jokes lately about my sk with their oh-so-cool blackberries lol...

a lil something to read...

On a related note, i hate cell phone companies. I'm tired of them trapping us consumers! oh! the oppression!

How do you feel about giving money to people on the subway?

I do once in a while but for the most part I don't. Sometimes I feel bad about it and sometimes I don't. But it's always interesting to see who people give money to the most. You have your crackheads, your drummers, aspiring artists, people who lost everything in a fire, people who just aren't mentally all there, injured people, blind ppl, poets, dancers, ppl doing flips and shit (the last 2 sometimes accompanied by a cute little kid) etc. Twice in one month I saw this one dude who claimed he recently got out of prison, was living in a hotel and just needed money to get back on his feet. He walked up and down the train car flashing his prison ID.

People tend to give money to those who are either giving them good entertainment, have a good believable story, and don't seem completely "hopeless." I'm sure much of it falls in line with the idea that "nothing in life is free." However, when it comes down to it, we just never know. What is a scam, what isn't. Who needs it most and who doesn't. Is it wrong to give a crackhead a dollar just so that he can feel better tonight? He's not going to be kicking that habit on his own anyway. Is it okay to give a dollar to some adult making their cute little son dance on the train when his facial expression shows he's just not into it? I really don't know. We're all just trying to survive. And society is failing a lot of us. So do we pay for it, do we look the other way, do we blame these people for not "making it" when the world is working against them?

I remember this strange gentleman that would ask for money around 180th and 181st and St. Nick many years back. One day he had crutches, the next day his ass was walking with a broken arm. There were rumors that he was really wealthy in DR...I wonder...

Ok so now that I got into the whole TV diversity and whatnot conversation, I'll keep this ball rolling.

Here's the point...WE must get it right FIRST before anyone else does!!!

So today I was thinking about the TV situation, how it's all set up and how we aren't accurately represented. Then I thought...well we have our own damn channels and we STILL aren't accurately represented. I mean how many of you Latinos out there know women that walk around in scantily clad clothing and wait around for a man with 5 first names to come and rescue them yet cry anytime that man yells or threatens to leave? Ok so we have some of these characteristics in SOME women we know, but these novelas don't represent anyone I know or even heard of in my lifetime. That said...let me move on to my point...

When is Telemundo (I say Telemundo and not Univision because their ties with NBC makes me expect more from them) going to start making a positive impact on our society?

Here's the ideal situation...I hope to live in a world where my future teenage daughter can have the option of watching the latest drama on NBC, ABC, etc or watching the same kind of show in Spanish on Telemundo or Univision. I'd like to see a cast of women that represents our society...yes one or 2 scantily clad women but MOST should be strong, positive role models for our children as well as our parents (Cuz lord knows some of our parents need positive role models too!) I can't remember the last time I watched something on Telemundo or Univision...and it has nothing to do with my age, my Spanish skills, or my taste in TV shows. I practically watch anything...BUT i just can't sit through these sissy ass women being on tv prancing around in there lycra mini skirts!!! We have to make it STOP!!! Think of it this way...for all my non-latino people...when you flip through the channels and bypass telemundo, i'm sure your response is "What the hell is that??...ok next!" (Unless you catch Laura in which case you probably stop to see the female version of Jerry Springer because that hair-pulling, face-kicking language is universal) What are we teaching people about our culture? Maybe this is part of the reason people keep calling us "exotic" like we're some damn colorful bird from the Amazon or something!

I can go on and on about this...but I'll bring up just one more quick point...I know the money is a big issue...but here's my suggestion...just go for it. Try new things because the MTV Tres population can only feed off of that channel for so long before they start to feel like it's their younger sibling's channel or even bigger, their kids' channel.

Aaaanyway...when you're ready to pave the way...I'm sure I'll be ready to take your call and write some good material for my Hit Me Up Telemundo!

P.S. Amas De Casas Desesperadas??? Come on couldn't get a little more creative? :-\

Ok...So sometimes I get caught up in the whole "boohoo there aren't enough latinos on TV, in movies, etc etc." Yes it's true...BUT what about our Asian peeps? Now I have to say this because it's not til you see a small change that you realize how much further we have to get.

So I'm watching Cashmere Mafia (hey...the writer's strike has me desperate for some drama) The show is decent...but my FAVORITE part about it is seeing Lucy Liu in a starring role on primetime TV not being "the Asian girl". Now I know what you guys think...she never plays "the Asian girl" BUT there's more. So I'm watching tonight's episode right now and her mom set her up with "a good Chinese boy" (you know the typical mom thing to do) so she meets the guy and he's hot... not like "oh kinda cute"...but hot. Now this doesn't usually happen on TV...stop for a second and think of how many Asian men you've seen on TV playing "the hot" the type of hot guy that doesn't do martial arts and speaks English perfectly and has more than one line etc, etc... exactly!

Moving on... Funny thing this episode..he admits that he "doesn't really go for Chinese women" I know this might sound messed up, but let's be realistic...doesn't it sound familiar? I mean he makes a good point, his mom has pushed so hard for him to go for the "good Chinese girl" that he runs in the opposite direction. (This sounds like most of us to me...but whatever) I hope she keeps dating this hot Chinese neuro-surgeon so that maybe others will follow. (oh just saw the preview for next week...guess he wont be back)

Anyway...I guess my point is... Kudos to the writers of Cashmere Mafia for putting Asians on the forefront on primetime TV and not having them jump around doing the latest kung-fu, karate, taichi, etc moves. These writers seem to have gotten the ball rolling for once...and maybe some brave and intelligent souls will follow.

Now if we could only get some South Asian women in some leading roles, that would just be great!

Ok back our regularly scheduled program AKA Where the Hell Are the Leading Latinos on TV? (oh and props again to ABC for having Ugly Betty up there)

Band Meme

We've been tagged ...

Here's how it goes.
You are about to have your own band's CD cover.

Follow these directions to the letter. Go to......
The first article title on the page is the name of your band.

The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.

The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4. Use your graphics program of choice to throw them together, and post the result as a comment in this post.



Yellow Rage

One of my faves...saw them perform once at my alma mater

Mariah Carey - Fantasy (Remix) featuring ODB

I have aaalways been a big Mariah fan. Ok maybe not during her Glitter/emotional breakdown days. But I've purchased less than 20 CDs in my lifetime and 3 or 4 of those were hers. I don't know where half of those CDs are now because I don't take care of them but that's besides the point. She obviously sounds great and writes a lot of her songs which i looove.

The point is this song was a huge deal. Now you see it all the time but back then it was strange to see a pop singer like her do a song with a rapper, let alone a crazy ass one like Old Dirty Bastard a.k.a Big Baby Jesus. [Cut to ODB yelling "I GOT BURNT BY GONORRHEA!" in an MTV interview back in like '95 where they followed him while he went to pick up food stamps. May he rest in peace.] I remember watching the MTV Jams countdown hosted by Bill Bellamy on my little tv. Summer hit of '95...memories... in New York this year!

Check it out!

Monday was my sister's 24th birthday so last night a group of us went to Tenzan for some bday sushi. It was a pretty good spot.


We brought our own cake and sang "Happy Birthday!"


And then E's wine tipped over right on to me...

red wine!!

I have a little story that will digress into some random rant so beware...

So the following is the reason i can't seem to get out of this business. It's something that i can't experience as a teacher, the access to live shows and that feeling of knowing whats going on in the music biz...i just can't shake it!!

Last night I was at work waiting around because I had a ticket to go see Wyclef and he wasn't going on til 9:30. So one of my bosses asked me if I wanted to go check out a taping for Mary J. So i said hell yeah! and headed over to the show. It was amazing! I had never seen Mary live so it was a great experience. It was a cool vibe...saw a lot of people I know from my old job and from around the company and what not...

Now at the end of the show, it's 9:30 so I head over to Wyclef at Nokia theater. His show was was such a big mix of everything and it felt like a big party...partly because of the music and partly because of the random wiffs of weed and strong smell of beer hahaha. Good vibes...all kinds of people. He had Pras come out and do some Fugee songs, Pras also did his one hit "Ghetto Superstar" (i seriously think he needs to let that one go already). All in was a great show! issue was this...PEOPLE DON'T KNOW HOW TO ACT!!! So when I first got there I went up to the front where my coworker was waiting.

- Side Bar -
Now...let me tell you my least favorite kind of people and if the ENTIRE title applies to you then yes you are one of my least favorite people. "Loud Drunk Obnoxious College White Girls" Ok...I know that might sound wrong but let me tell you why they annoy the hell out of me. You see these chicks give every group they belong to a bad name: loud people, drunk people, college students, white people and women. See i have no problems with any people in those groups...but DAMN all of them??? I can't take it!!!

Ok back to my I get there and there's a chick yelling at the top of her lungs in the middle of every song...saying the dumbest shit random shit. She is also singing the wrong words to the songs and off beat and whatever...people are drinking i get it she's drunk whatever. Moving on to the other girl next to her....can barely stand (let alone dance) and remember this is a Wyclef concert so you have all kinds of people everywhere...including what i like to call your macho Caribbean man. So this dude...seems like he's drunk...just wants to feel up on some ass...he goes up to that girl and she starts grinding on him...then turns around and starts making out with him. THEN after a few minutes she's like a little cat cuddling up on him and shit!! I'm like...are u fucking kidding me??? I mean god forgive me for saying this...but THATS why fucking chicks go missing or get killed in an alley and random shit like that!!! I dont understand how u can be super drunk and just get so emotionally attached to a random man that OBVIOUSLY just wants to fuck you!!! (IF THAT!) cuz this dude walked away from her at one point lol and she was left standing there all out of it...she looked like a sad puppy. Aaanyway...later on the guy came back and made out with her some more. Funny shit is he was near he leans in at one point and says something in creole while putting his hand around my waist for less than 2 seconds before i grabbed his hand and moved it away while i kept nodding and saying "ok alright whatever go away" LMAO so he went back to his drunk chick.

So this might sound fucked up...but i feel like a lot of the shit that happens out there happens to these "Loud Drunk Obnoxious College White Girls" because maybe daddy didnt do what they wanted daddy to do for them...whatever...i won't knock them anymore than i already have. my point is this...teach your damn kids to not be so goddamn needy that they have to get drunk at a concert and turn to some perv for comfort!!! Feel ME?!?!

I warned you guys...i got a little angry here...but at least i didnt hold it in lol

All men cheat?

So do you honestly believe that there are men out there that really don't EVER cheat? I don't know at some point I honestly believed that there were few men out there... but I think the past few years I've come to realize that no... there aren't any. So I think a lot has to do w/ spending the past 6-7 yrs hanging out with so many guy friends. It's so weird!!! I just don't understand. I mean I guess I do, b/c maybe if I were a guy I could see where they are coming from. So today I have a long one hour conversation with my male friend about it and he honestly told me that he can't think of a guy/friend/family member that has never cheated. Now out of all the ppl that you know how many males friends do you KNOW have never cheated? I had this one friend in Florida who I thought was the sweetest guy ever, I admired his relationship with his gf b/c he treated her like a QUEEN.. I mean they were perfect - their families got together and they partied and it wasn't until the day that he came on to me that I was like wtf? Then he tells me about another girl etc etc.. anyways the point is that isn't this crazy? I know I'm rambling and probably not flowing with my blog (I'm an engineer I'm not use to gathering thoughts and putting them in order I just get them So today I learned that this man that I've known for about 8 yrs a family man, father of 3 kids, married for over 30 yrs etc... that HE cheats on his wife. Now ladies u don't understand.. this is the LAST person on EARTH that I would imagine doing something like this - goes to church Sunday, caring man, like u don't understand never ever would I have thought that and today I learned this and I was shocked like it hurt me to know it. I can't look at him the same way ever. Anyway, so the thing is that guys are so good.. I mean they treat their wives/gf's like a queen and then they go do this? Now my question is do you think that you can love someone and cheat on them?
See at first I thought that this wasn't possible, I thought - if you are in love w/ someone you would never even be tempted to want to be w/ someone else. Now, i think that this is possible. See my theory is that for guys sex is all about satisfaction - just for fun just for pleasure. No strings attached. It's like going out for ice cream... or a walk in the park... no feelings just the instant pleasure. So a lot of them don't do it b/c they are unsatisfied in their relationships or they don't love who they are with - I think they do it just b/c it feels good so why not do it if it comes up? Now (damn I keep changing my line of thought), do you think that the girl that knows she is messing w/ a taken man has fault?
So my friend today tells me - "u girls are all stupid. You feel guilty if you like a guy that has a girl. I say if you like a guy and hes not married go for it, b/c if you don't then someone else will" So I tell him - yeah I think that it's just a matter of respect. We put ourselves in the other girls' shoes and we wouldn't want to be them getting played. He responds "well what is it to you - if anything he should feel bad. and that's where u girls are wrong - u think that only b/c u don't do it it won't be done to you... all guys cheat" Then he mentions it being different if you know the girl but if u don't then "what is it to you?"
Do you think that you can genuinely be happy w/ a guy that is cheating on you as long as you don't know?? I know so many older women, aunts, parents etc, that stay w/ men even after finding out that they have cheated. I'm like no f*cking way will I stay w/ them and how could these women be ok w/ this? Is it b/c they know what we don't know - that ALL men cheat? Do you think that they feel that as long as they bring home money, are there for the kids, and come home to them at night that that is enough for them to stay w/ them? Do you think they think that we don't know and they try to set this "family" example and stay "together"? So I look at my guy friends and their girl friends and I can tell you something ladies. When you see these multiple couples they are happy! They are hugging kissing - i love u, i love u etc etc.. and these girls are happy, they are happy w/ their man. Yet u take the girls away and bring new ones and there are the guys acting like they are single. My thing is - if you love someone how can you RISK getting caught and losing such a great person? - is it b/c there are a lot of great girls out there that they can take that risk? or is it b/c they are confident that they can ask for forgiveness and the girls won't go away. U know why I ask the latter.. b/c my friends are good guys (haha.. funny I said that) - when I say good, I mean that they treat their girls good, take care of them when they are sick, help them out when they need to, they don't beat them, they don't belittle them, and they are not assholes to them... they treat their girls good. So compared to a lot of guys out there that actually are assholes - do you rather be w/ an asshole or a good guy that cheats on u? I know I know.. the answer is neither... but still...
Now I know that girls cheat too blah blah but that's just another topic we're talking about men here. I think that guys just have the ability to separate emotion and physical while us girls even when we try to just have a "f*cking buddy" etc.. we end up mixing the two. That's why to them it's no big deal while to us it means so much...
Now I know I asked like 50 questions and i rambled and started a thought and didn't' really finish and started a new but i had so many thoughts i just wrote as they
So how do you girls feel about this?

PS. I tried to wait till midnight so that it can be a blog for Jan 16 but I'm tired now and going to bed. Night Night!!

So I know I'm a little late on this but bare with me. So my cousin Patrick (aka P-Star aka Star) who's 15 walks around his house telling everyone to "get lite" and dancing around like he's crazy. At first I thought it was annoying...then i realized I was just getting old and didn't get it. So finally I gave in (not by doing it but just by watching) and realized this is a fun little dance and kids are doing it EVERYWHERE! It's weird but YouTube has kids doing it in school, on the street, in the subway, at home, even at the Fried Chicken place!!! LMAO it's awesome tho. Aaanyway...point is my cousin "Star" has now given his sisters and myself these names... He says his sister Meri is M-Lite, his sister Nathalie is N-Lite, I'm S-Dot and together we are the "Lite Crew" LMAO!! Aaaaah to be a kid again!!

Here's some videos...enjoy...and don't hurt yourselves trying to do it lol!!

On The Street

In School

At The Chicken Spot (LMAO!!)

PS...thanks CC for holding the 365 down for all these days I was too lazy to write

So there is a new guy at work and I teach him my processes. I try my best to be repetitive and explain things and show him over and over... and he fooled me the first week b/c he seemed like he understood it all. I'm like YES!! Finally we got a good one (I won't talk about how frustrated and upset I was w/ the last one). Anyway, so today I assign work for him - he looked so confused. :( I remember when I first started I was sooooooooooo confused and stressed the first month at work - so much that I considered quiting but I didn't. So I figure it's only a wk I'll give him time, but why doesn't he ask questions? WHY WHY WHY!!!?!?!?! He sits there and stares at his screen and I watch him try to run a report and not knowing what to do next he stares some more until I give up (b/c I'm always watching at the corner of my eye), and then I say "are u ok over there?" ... I doubt myself at how I teach sometimes - but it's not easy :(

Plan B...

I know most people have a "plan b" in life as far as their careers go. So basically you always know that if you try your Plan A and it doesn't work out you can always fall back on your plan b. But...have you ever had random urges to quit plan A and go to plan B?

This happens to me once in a while. My plan A of course is to continue in the entertainment biz (no not THAT kind of entertainment!) This is a very competitive business and at times i feel like it's stress that i dont need to put on myself. So sometimes I wake up in this mood to just start going to school for my plan B which is teaching. I'd love to be in the classroom with inner city kids and just let them know what's out there. There are times that I even have these great ideas for assignments lol (weird i know)

In the end I know that i love what i do, it's very challenging and I have what it takes to get to where i want to be but...damn...sometimes it's hard! I feel like my skills would be put to better use in a classroom setting.

Is this quarter-life crisis or what? lol


I don't know who's worse. People who walk through the "emergency exit" door next to the turnstiles and make the annoying alarm go off. Or the MTA for thinking that new yorkers, who are always in a rush, would ignore the convenience and not go through the damn doors.

Yuck... "New Styles"


I'm so ready to go shopping for Spring clothes.

Ok, off to find something more productive to do....

Back to School

After a long arduous process--getting motivated to study for GREs, finally taking them, postponing the application process a couple of times because I was worried about not being able to get recommendations, stressing out over getting the applications done and then stressing over which school to go to--I finally registered for classes today to start my Master's.

We had a quick orientation with a small group. I was definitely one of the younger ones in the group and the only one that was wearing jeans haha (i don't have to dress up for work).

Anyway, I'm excited! and nervous!


A: What accessories do you wear everyday? On most days, I wear my italian charm bracelet (that still only has 2 charms after like 4 years) and glasses, earrings, necklace with heart pendant, and the new addition to the family...the promise ring.
B: What is your beauty routine? Sadly, I don't really have a routine, unless I'm going out somewhere out of the ordinary. I'm too lazy to put make up on before going to work. I do it once in a while.

C: What was the last item of clothing (for yourself) that you purchased? 3 shirts at H&M. Yay for xmas gift cards.
D: Do you use a dresser, closet, or both? Both. And both are too full.
E: What type of earrings are in your ears right now? Not wearing earrings right now.
F: What type of figure do you have? A hot one dammit!! With a little belly lol
G: Do you wear glasses? Yes. Lost my contacts a while back and never got new ones.

H: What type of handbag do you carry? I try to change it up but buying a new one is definitely on the to-do list.
I: What is your ideal style? Anything that looks right. Throw a little bit of trendiness in there. I've been slacking in the style department.
J: What jewelry are you wearing right now? My ring and necklace.
K: Do you wear knee-hi stockings? Not really.
L: Do you *have* to wear matching lingerie? No lol. Unless it's one of those special nights planned in advance, then definitely yes.
M: Do you wear makeup? Sometimes.
N: Do you wear nightgowns? Nope.
O: What outerwear do you put on when going out on a typical winters day? Um scarf and a coat. Hat if it's freezing. I've stuck to my Triple5Soul lately because it's really warm.
P: What is your favorite perfume? I don't have a favorite but I put on perfume everyday. Currently using Vera Wang's Princess.

Q: Is your motto "quality over quantity" when it comes to clothing and accessories? Nope! Except for maybe shoes.
R: Do you wear rain boots? Don't think I've ever owned a pair but they look cute on some girls.
S: Do you wear socks or slippers when your feet get cold? I wear socks all the time.

T: Do you have a set of travel luggage? Nope, don't travel enough and I don't think I have the space.

U: What is your daily uniform? Jeans, long sleeve shirt or short sleeve with a sweater on top, kicks usually, sometimes boots.

V: If you are married, did you wear a veil with your wedding dress? Not married.
W: Do you wear a watch? Never. Can't remember the last time I owned a watch. I've always used my cell phone (or beeper back in the days hehe). Never trust a person without the time-i think that's a saying??.

X: What item of clothing always makes you feel eXtremely beautiful? Nothing specific. I feel beautiful in anything that's new hahah...dresses are nice sometimes =)
Y: What is your favorite type of yarn? This is a random question. Don't have one but I want to learn how to knit!!
Z: Do you prefer zippers or buttons? Zippers for pants.

Trying to keep up with this 365 blog thing (especially on a Monday) is making me draw a blank!

I will say this...I wanna give a shout out to our only outside reader Nina. Sometimes I think it's stupid to blog...but then I see Nina comments on our stuff and I feel like it's all worth it!

The End!

Can't wait til Friday :-/



Woohoo! The crew got back together yesterday and it was great! We did dinner uptown with the no-longer-long-lost Eliana! How exciting! Anyway here's a pic :-)

CC, Jennifer
Fanny, Shay, Eliana

We'll def have to keep this up!

I know this is cheesy but no sappy 90's friendship story is complete without a classic like this!! hahhaha


good niiiiight.



First thing's first...HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVE!
Your skin is so wrinkle free for someone who's so old =P

So...I guess we're taking up the challenge to blog for 365 days straight! Good lawd, that's a lot of blogging!

This takes me down memory lane to 1995 when I bought my first diary. It was one of those Mickey Mouse ones with the cheap little "lock" that you opened up by just moving the button to the right. (Mickey Mouse was the shit back then when I'm sure the majority of us never watched that high-pitched-lil-voice-havin'-mouse's cartoon ever or been to Disneyland). Back then I thought a diary was something that you had to write in daily. So half of the diary is filled with "Today was fun. I don't remember what happened! See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!" because I would go back and try to fill in the days I missed. It's so interesting to go back and read it and see the person I was back then. I was a silly, boy crazy little thing. I was "in love" with a new person every month. As shy as I was, I actually called boys to ask them out. I said things like "My hair looked so dope today!" and "I'm definitely going to Harvard!" and wrote about someone stealing Shay's Columbia jacket from her locker for 2 pages.

13 years later...25 years old...

Can it be that it was all so simple then?

First of all...HAPPY NEW YEAR to all (3 readers/writers or our poor little blog).

Let me start by saying that the year Two Thousand Great has already started off by living up to it's name! Let me tell you, the two people I've already told, a little story!!

So in honor of "starting the year off right", I leave my house in time to catch the "on time" train, you know the train that gets you to work when other people are walking in so you don't look completely irresponsible. All proud of myself I set my ipod to the Aaliyah songs I haven't listened to in forever and sit in my corner of the train car that leaves me 2 steps away from the staircase at my stop. Somewhere around the 3rd song on my ipod, I swear I saw a ghost of years passed...let's pause here and rewind to the "funner" days of our lives circa 1993-1998...

So we (6 rugrats at the time) went to a little junior high up on a "hill" where all the kids had "huge" brains and equally huge bookbags to prove it. We laughed and played bla bla bla (mostly talked about boys and wrote about boys in our little journals lol). Eliana made mixed tapes, CC wrote poetry, Fanny had her non-stop laugh attacks, Jennifer was into wrestling, Jocelyn shopped A WHOLE LOT and I was just a clown. In 1996, four of us (in the pic below) moved on to high school only 4 blocks up the street from the little school on the "hill" and did some more bonding for 2 years. Oh how much fun we had in our little young girl bubble.

Shay, CC, Fanny, Eliana

Then...(and here's how the story plays out in my head) with no explanation whatsoever, at the end of our sophomore year in high school, Eliana was sent to the Dominican Republic "FOREVER" and we had no way to contact her. So then there were 3...

For years and years we searched and tried old numbers, google, myspace, facebook, word of mouth but got nothing.

Fast forward back to this morning on the D train heading to work. So this girl who I'm pretty sure is Eliana (from the picture above) walks on and leans on the door where I can't really see her. So I sit there and think about this situation and how odd it is that the person we've been wondering about for 10 years just happened to walk onto my train. Meanwhile, im trying to get another look at her face just to make sure I'm not crazy, but the guy she's with is standing in the way. Then I convince myself it's her, take off my headphones and get ready to stand up but I can't do it. As the train is getting to 145th street she turns around to face the door and of course I'm not supposed to get off the train until 47th street but I can't let my childhood friend just get off the train and just feel stupid for the next 10 years. So I tap her, she's in complete shock (so am I) we get off the train and catch up as much as we can until the next train comes (btw...this is now the shamelessly late know the one that gets you into work late and you stroll in like you don't care about getting fired lol) But i don't care!!! I found Eliana!!! It turns out she lived in Dominican Republic this whole time and tried finding us as well but now she's here to stay so now we're making plans to hang out!! Wooooohooooo!!

To be continued...

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