Ugh.. too many questions?

Don't you hate it when you do certain things and ppl just ask too many damn questions!?!
So yeah sometimes I'm a little secretive and don't like to share anything w/ anyone but if you are my friend and u know me you should know that is how I am so DON'T ASK ME?!

This just happens to be b/c this wknd I was hanging out w/ a friend and my sister texts me "who is this friend?" I just ignore the text... next text is "why are you so secretive!" anyways... this is just random but sometimes I just don't feel like sharing, I dont like everyone knowing where I am at all times of the day and what I'm doing. Sometimes I just love turning off my phone and ignoring the world. It just sucks when I have to turn it back on and I have texts and voicemails asking where am I what am I donig and why I'm ignoring them. Can't ppl just leave it alone. When do I ever harass ppl into telling me where were they the night b4. See thats why sometimes I just feel like moving to a different state where ppl can't just say "I went to your house last night and u weren't there... where were u?" lol.

Maybe i'm just weird. I mean i've been told i'm weird just b/c I keep things to myself too much.. but I like it this way.

Anyways... just rambling. :)


i think you'd have to keep moving from state to state lol

April 22, 2008 at 9:33 AM  

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