Managing my money

Sooooo... I've kept this excel file ever since I graduated college and started a full time job. This file contains everything I have done w/ every check since July 9, 2004. I can go back and tell you how much of it went on tolls, phone bills, dinner, drinking, flights, etc. It's pretty cool b/c I update it once a month and it helps me realize where my money is going. So when I first moved here I was doing pretty good.. I felt like I was partying a lot yet saving a lot... but then November happened and I think after my China trip it was all downhill... my savings were just decreasing and decreasing... things just added up, weddings, flights, trips, more trips, bdays after bdays... I mean to the point where this morning I was like wait a minute, this is ridiculous!!

So I sat down and made a budget for myself. I dont know how realistic this budget is but it starts May 1st. I have an allowance of $130 a week which can roll over and if I overspend will subtract from my next wk. These $130 is for everything = partying, drinking, cabs, lunch, dinners, shopping, etc. I figure, my parents cook every day, I shouldn't have these 30-50 dinner charges on my cc, and i should be taking left overs so i shouldn't have these $10 salads for lunch, and since I don't drink as much I shouldn't have $100 tabs at a bar from buying one round of shots! I also should be responsible and wake up earlier rather than pushing it having to take a cab to lexington in the morning... lol. Anyways, I really hope this works out. I also think I'm going to cut on the random trips. Limit it to 1-2 big trips a yr. I have my whole life to travel (although now is the best time) but I should keep other priorities - studying for my gmat, going to grad school and if not that then buying my own place. Anyways, thats my new budget.. I thought I would share. I'm kind of excited about it. I guess after making myself not drink for 2 months I think I can accomplish anything now... haha. I'll let u know in two months how this worked out.


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