lol.. so as you all know I gave up drinking for two months as of the morning of the 24th of February. When I first said it, I have to admit I thought to myself multiple times... "damn will I be strong enough not to do it?" I did doubt myself I really did eventhough I didn't show it! lol.. So it was kind of an eyeopener when I told ppl I wasn't drinking anymore and they laughed at my face like riiiiiiiiiiight .... I'm like damn I am really a lush!!!

haha so I started writing that back in March and one month later I'll finish it up...

so yes. my two months were actually up this wknd. Everyone asks me, so how does it feel? I dont really have an answer to that. Do I feel healthier? not really, but I'm sure I am healthier. My beer gut did go down a little :). Anyways, so this was definitely a fun experience. Like I said before I didn't think I could do it b/c I love to drink and have a good time. I learned that you can def have a good time w/o drinking. :) WHen I say this to ppl they are like yeah right.. suuuuure, who goes to a bar and watch ppl drink? etc. You don't realize it until you try it. Of course I got tired much earlier.. those 4am nights followed by El Presidente was definitely a wrap, as were trying to make it to 4 bday events in one night. Haha.

So all in all it was a great experience, I had 2 urges to break my 2 month experiment and have a drink. One was our very first warm Thursday 2 wks ago - it was so nice out everyone was in a good mood, and I had an urge for one ice cold beer.. just one! I didn't give in though. Second time was a random Friday, I was tired from work hanging out w/ my friend and I thought, today would be a good day for one ice cold

So what now? Well on thursday I went out w/ my boss and coworkers and I walked in there and we were playing pool and I said u know what.. i just have one more day left... let me just have a beer. My coworkers were excited and they got me a 16oz beer Yuengling on tap to be exact. I took my first sip and ... well I didn't expect fireworks or anything but I dont know it just felt weird. I didn't even finish the beer, the urge wasn't there. So Friday I hung out at my friends house and we were playing some games... everyone was drinking and I made myself my first mixed drink. I didn't even drink half of it... I babysat it all night (of course I made believe that I "just" made that drink whenever ppl asked "is that still ur first drink?") lol. I checked my email this morning and I have an email from my brother saying that he went out Friday night and he decided to put this not drinking and having fun thing to the test and he was amazed how much of a blast he had, the fact that he remembered ALL details of the night, and he was able to wake up early Saturday morning and start reading a book he had been meaning to read for the past 3 yrs. I thought it was funny. So it works! At least I can say I've been inspirational to some ppl to at least try it once. haha.

Anyways, that was my 2 month experience. It wasn't a tough one at all. I look fwd to not getting as drunk and not spending as much money as before... and no more standing at the bar calling for a round of shots... lol. :)

-The End


I'll be honest, I did not think you could do it. Since i've met you we've always been around drinks.. In fact you are the main reason I was so drunk for my bday. I'm glad you were able to do it and prove everyone wrong including me. Now, can we have a drink together for old times???

April 24, 2008 at 12:31 PM  

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