You guys all remember those boring history classes (at least those of you who hated history as much as I did). It was a whole lot of which countries fought each other, who got killed etc. It may all sound fun when I put it that way...but somehow the books just sucked history dry of fun. Then we have the things that weren't even in all those chapters we had to read and the things that happened WHILE we were reading the history books and no one cared to inform us.

So yesterday I had a lazy Sunday and as I'm looking for something to replace my old "CourtTV Fix" (you know with all the crime shows) now that CourtTV has been changed to TruTV and seems to look a lot like Spike TV with all their "Wild Car Crashes / Most Unbelievably Stupid Crimes / The State Trooper Gets Shot During A Random Traffic Stop" Shows. I find myself watching the History Channel. Now I know that at least a year ago, the History channel was literally one of my boring history books from high school slammed onto my tv. Yesterday...I discovered this might be one of my favorite channels from now on. It's like they tricked me into learning some interesting shit.

So here's the lineup of what I watched (2 of the 3 had nothing to do with any history but technically...i guess it fit)

Shootout: North Hollywood Shootout (1 hr)

"This is the story of the fiercest gun battle in US police history. On February 28, 1997, a high-stakes bank robbery went awry and devolved into an urban firefight that became one of the most violent shootouts in law enforcement history. With TV cameras capturing the action from above, two paramilitary-style gunmen take over a bank using terrorist technology. Donning full body armor and automatic weapons, they charge out of a Bank of America branch in North Hollywood, California, and with brutal and brazen disregard, they fire armor-piercing ammo at police and citizens, turning a congested residential area into a combat zone that ends with deaths and numerous injuries. Police on the scene that day recount their ordeal that very dangerous day."

**Notice how the description sounds all historical and shit! lol this was super entertaining tho.

Hippies (2hrs)

"The Hippie movement was the most controversial and influential of modern times. Free love, the peace movement, drugs, Eastern religions and communes are explored. Meet the figures whose words and actions inspired it and destroyed it. See how the vibrations from that era are still resonating today in almost every aspect of American life, from the clothes we wear, to the Personal Computer and the Internet. Finally, historic footage, stills and period graphics are interwoven with expert commentary and eyewitness testimony."

**This was the only historical 1 of the 3 and it was great! The entire hippie movement goes way beyond the whole peace and love thing...oh and I'm kind of excited to know Steve Jobs and the other Apple dude were that must be why Macs and iPods are like a drug and give you that great feeling lol.

Breaking Vegas (2 hrs)

"They were "Whales"--the highest of high rollers. Treated like royalty by casinos worldwide, they won millions throughout the early to mid-1990s. And nobody had a clue that they were MIT students, part of an underground blackjack team--card counters who used mathematical wizardry to win. In this 2-hour special, we chronicle the true story of the rise and fall of the MIT Blackjack Team, featuring interviews with Ben Mezrich, author of Bringing Down the House, casino executives, security experts, and actual members of the team."

**This made me wish I had crazy math skills so I can go to Vegas and get me some cash. lol

Aaaanyway...I guess the point of this post is to let you know you should give the History Channel a chance once in a while lol.

This coming from a person who hated history in school.


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