The Block Is Hot :-\

I'm on the Daily News website and I just read an article about a man in Queens that was coming home from a party and was shot. They included all these details about him wanting to get his GED and turn his life around. the end of the article, this random statement:

"Meanwhile, a 23-year-old Bronx man was found fatally shot in the head inside his silver Ford Expedition SUV parked on (insert address here) about 2:15 a.m., police said."

Now aside from the fact that this is random...I have to say this bothers me for plenty of reasons. This happened about 2 houses down, right across the street from my house. Those of you that know where I live, you know my neighborhood is pretty quiet. If you come around any time after 11pm when the grocery store closes, you will find NO ONE in the streets.

So Friday night, I'm at my cousin's house having pizza and watching TV and I came home at about 1am with my 10 year old niece. Then we realized she left her mp3 player and I called my cousin to bring it by when she came to pick up her brother from hanging out at his friend's house down the street. She showed up at about 1:45 and I had my niece meet my cousin at the door to pick it up. We head to bed and are watching TV when I hear a pop (obvious now that it was a gunshot) and then 2 cars speeding away. Call me crazy but I didn't even look outside or anything. I just thought nothing of it and went to sleep.

The next morning, everyone is talking about someone being shot outside and very few details are known etc, etc. There are still tire tracks of blood on our street so I don't know what happened but it must've been pretty crazy.

This is a big thing for people around here cuz this kind of stuff never happens around here. (I guess that's what everyone says lol)

It's just kind of nuts to think about the whole situation and how it gets no coverage. We probably will never know who got killed, who did it, why, etc. Then it makes me many times this happens all over the city and no one knows about it. The news and papers can only cover so much.

I just think, this guy had to have a mother somewhere...then again maybe not. Someone has to be grieving for him right?

Have we become so cold that it just doesn't matter anymore? My 10 year old niece didn't even flinch when she found out about this the next morning. (she was actually the one that said...hey look there's blood in the middle of the street)

I can't lie...I'm pretty curious to know exactly what happened...the first thing I thought about were the details of the crime in an SVU / Forensic Files type of way. Are we all obsessed with crime?

Aaaanyway...I guess such is life :-\


LOL! I love the way you ended this but the story is not funny. I think a couple of things have to do with the lack of attention this story and others like it receive. First, it happens far too often in this country. That right to bear arms junk is b/s if you ask me. This is what leads to all of the guns on the streets. Other large (developed) countries do not have this issue. Another reason why we do not hear more about this is because it was a "nobody". If it were some celebrity it would have been on the cover and for weeks. Remember the Ledger guy? It received so much attention and in my opinion it was all unnecessary.

March 24, 2008 at 10:14 PM  

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