Yay I'm so hapy we have a blog...too bad we ain't got shit to say yet...

Hmm Musical Laughter...ok...so this mornign I got a text from Adamo (mine and cc's friend from HS) And he says "If you want to smile put on Hot 97...your song is on...i can't front i like that song too"

Funny I knew exactly what song he was talking about Alicia Keys' "No One"

To which i text back "Boooo i dont have FM radio but i do have the whole album on my ipod so I've already been smiling for days"

And he said "Wow thanks for making me feel like a loser"


The end!

Hey we gotta start somewhere! :-)


yeah this was a wack one.. i thought i would still comment. haha.. if you look at my myspace there is a pic w/ adamo and sheila really into a song and its that one - "no one". Adamo is funny - he texts me all the time. He actually text me last night like - come to monkey room - i was asleep.

November 10, 2007 at 9:15 AM  

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