What if...

I walked over to a black guy and started a conversation, then mid conversation I say "Hey you should meet my friend...he's black too!!"

or if...

I told my Irish coworker "Hey my friend is Irish, you guys should meet!"

It just seems odd right... Sooooo why is it ok for people to feel like they need to introduce me to every Dominican they meet?

Ok so I'm a little torn on this topic because I feel like it depends on the situation. For example, if I was in a place where there aren't too many Dominicans...such aaaaaas I dont know Switzerland...then I say it's cool to meet other Dominicans and have people you can relate to. But this is New York... we have the highest number of Dominicans outside of the Dominican Republic.

So this is what happened... Last night I'm at a party for work. One of my coworkers from my previous job is now working with a Producer who's Dominican so he pulls me over to this very nice Dominican girl, asks us if we want any drinks and then makes his way over to the bar leaving the two Dominican strangers to some awkward conversation. So she asks me about work and I ask her about work. She asks me where I live and I ask her where she lives. Lots of small talk interjected by awkward pauses. So that's when I stop and think to myself..."I was better off over with my non Dominican friends drinking, dancing and singing along to whatever random song the DJ played. So what am I doing here with a Dominican stranger? Do I have to love her and be her best friend just cuz she's dominican? Cuz if so...I think I love about 600,000 people in this city."

Don't get me wrong... I love my people...but that's no reason to think I need to absolutely meet every single one of them.

Whatever happened to meeting people cuz you seem like you would click?


Ha - This is funny b/c it's so true. It's like I get the question oh so what are you, and I'm like "Dominican" - and they respond, oh I have a Dominican friend... and it's like uuuh ok thats nice I have some too.. lol.
Talking about awkward moments I hate those - It's like sooo....*whistle*...

November 10, 2007 at 9:03 AM  

It's like gay and lesbian ppl...people always want to hook them up with their one gay/lesbian friend..

So i guess be happy you're not expected to hook up with every dominican? lol

November 11, 2007 at 8:22 PM  

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