So last night I went to a Bachelorette party. We had so much fun. The stripper was hilarious - I mean he was able to pick everyone up and let's just say there were some big girls. So the whole time he's dancing in his thong and I'm like whatever u know they put a rubberband usually to keep the blood and they have that long socket so it looks more than what it is... but to my surprise he went butt naked and it was real! I was like wow. He didn't do anything to me at all b/c he was more after the girls that were like no no not me.. haha.. and u know me I was there like trying to see if it was real and grabbing his my aunt was the funniest, she's like no no no no.. then he takes her and she's like smacking his ass.. i'm like oh oh pero dique no queria. lol. Then me and the bachelorette wanted to crash the guys bachelorrette party.. we're like we know them they would have so much more fun w/ us... lol. and apparantly no one agreed.. it was like almost 2am and we figured they're drunk and have already done all the dirty stuff right? lol.. anyways pt is my brother did call me and wanted to chill - he's like aww we're mad bent - you guys should have came.. blah blah. Whatever now i'm just talking crap on this thing...


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