My Teeth Say So Much!

So in less than 2 hours I'm getting not 1 but 2 root canals!! Ive never had one before but I just don't like the name of it. I went to the dentists and had to ask what a root canal was exactly and it turns out it's supposed to be done so that you are NOT in pain. Go figure! Basically they pull out your nerves and stuff the hole. How fun!!

But basically what makes me mad is that I have to get this in the first place. I blame it on society!! lol Why? Because if my parents wouldve been rich, my mom wouldve taken me to the dentist all the time and taken care of simple things like a small cavity. So later in life it becomes secondary and you go to one of those dentists that work out of their apartment in the heights because u dont need insurance there but every time they tell u something is gonna cost over $75 you're like "oh my god that's a lot...forget it!" lol

Oh well...whatever the case...I gotta go take care of it because i do love my teeth :-D

Im gonna go into the dentist's office and just let them numb my mouth then blast my ipod so i can drown out the drilling noise. (oh my God im squirming just thinking of the sound and the feeling of the drill touching my teeth aaaaaaaaaaah!!!) Im gonna go listen to the new Alicia Keys album...go cop's out today!!! :-)

Wish me luck! :-(


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