Long time no blog

Considering that I'm making a speech on blogging next week for my Communications class (which I am a little freaked out about), I figured it might be time to stop being a hypocrite and actually blog! Especially since all of our fans keep checking in...not. =/

I've been meaning to write a "meaningful" entry since liiike August I believe. My good friend from college came to visit me for a week and a half right after I left my job and we had such a fun week! On my last day of work we went to see In the Heights, which was SO GOOD! I felt all inspired to blog about it and put it off like a lot of other things in life. Anyway, highly recommend it.

On a more miserable note, I've spent the last two months being somewhat of a Debbie Downer...Negative Nancy...Miserable Pickle? Ok, I made that one up.

Towards the end of my time at my last job, I started getting pain in my right arm from using the mouse. I just ignored it and would sometimes just switch the mouse to the left side. Well the pain hasn't gone away and gotten worse. I spent a couple of days with my arms and elbows just throbbing with sharp pains here and there. It sucks because (1) I like to go online and I can just read stuff online all day and (2) it's kind of hard to function in this world without being able to use a computer! Maybe I'm exaggerating but I've put off my job search and I'm broke as a joke because I don't want to 'cause any completely debilitating damage. Not to mention, I'm in school and need to write up papers and do research and all that fun stuff you're all so jealous of.

I've installed one of those programs on my computer that forces you to take a break. It's so annoying and even locks the computer after a while but it does help. I went to my general doctor 3 weeks ago and he told me that I need to rest my arms and that I should buy an arm sling and take motrin every 2 seconds. Thanks doc! I've done a lot of research on repetitive stress injury and it seems some doctors don't really know what they're talking about. Some people recover, some deal with the pain their whole life. Some suggest just living a healthier lifestyle. Some go to physical therapy for weeks only to find out it didn't work. I've tried taking breaks for days at a time which takes away the pain but as soon as I get back on (as I am right now), the pain comes right back. One website said you need to rest your arms for 13 weeks. I don't know if that is an option when bills need to be paid!! There's always retail...blah.

In the meantime, I've been writing more by hand and made an appointment to see an orthopedic on Tuesday. Oh, and the reason I've been able to go to the doctor at all is because I signed up for COBRA through my last job which is fucking expensive!!! It's a vicious cycle.

Aaaand my hard drive crashed. Luckily, I found out about Knoppix, an open source live linux cd, which includes a data recovery program called PhotoRec. Even more luckily, files don't ever really get deleted from a hard drive. So I was able to get all my pictures, mp3s and word files. The bad thing is that included with those pictures was EVERY SINGLE PICTURE that the computer ever laid it's eyes on. We're talking hundreds of people's AIM buddy icons, their myspace pics, pictures of purses and shoes from browsing online. AAAH. And it doesn't end there. None of the files, including the mp3s, have their original file name. Fun times ahead.

Time to get off the computer. Stay tuned for happier thoughts...


Good luck on your presentation! I'm sure you'll do great :)

October 18, 2008 at 9:24 PM  

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