Dear Clothing stores and clothing designers and...,

I am 5'4". The average female height in the US is 5' 3.7.". Who the FUCK are you all selling/making pants for??!!!!!!

Last night I stopped by H&M to pick up some pants for an interview I had today. Lucky for me I could wear whatever I wanted at my last job so the last time I bought any kind of suit was right after college. And I guess I was smaller back then so last minute shopping I went.

It was 9pm so I grabbed a bunch of black and gray pants. TOO LONG!!! Seriously, what the deuce?! And then the ones that weren't so long that I would trip, were too tight on top 'causing some fake camel toe effect. If I went a size up, then they'd be okay up top but TOO LONG!!! Do they test these pants thinking that all women walk around in 6 inch heels all the time? I enjoy me a nice high heeled pair once in a while but for the most part it slows me the fuck down. I had to buy a skirt instead.

This is also the reason I detest shopping for jeans. Aside from the 2 pairs of jeans of mine I really like, you force me to compromise and wear jeans that look "okay.". That is not okay!!! And don't tell me I can take them to so and so's to get them hemmed. Fuck you. Why should I settle for skinny jeans that bunch up like that 'cause they're too long?

We need to make some changes up in this piece. We need some realistic options. Some of us have short legs, tits and/or asses!!!! Maybe you should consider a raaange of sizes from jolly giant to shorty doo wop...from big ol' butt to nasitall. I'm tired of trying on dresses (and even coats) only to find that my bootay makes it look funny in the back because it wasn't made for me.





Hahaha I hear ya! I'm shorty do wop (no really, that was my nickname in undergrad) and shopping for jeans is the worst. I have to get everything hemmed all the time. It's annoying because then I freak out about the tailor cutting off a little too much and screwing them up forever.

October 27, 2008 at 11:45 AM  

Ohhhhh I feel you!!!! I have such a hard time looking for jeans that when I find one that fits nice no matter the price I have to get it! (never over $100 though) actually (never over $80) lol. no but seriously.. I hate that.. and same w/ H&M shirts!!! I hate them. They are so cute yet as skinny as I am I have to buy a size 8 b/c my boobs never fit! So it's "okay" on my boobs but all loose on my waist.. that is soo wack!

October 30, 2008 at 12:57 PM  

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