Looooong time since I stepped back into the Musical Laughter world! Let's get things rolling with a review of NeYo's new album Year of the Gentleman. Overall, I'd say it isn't an album you put on and absolutely LOVE right away, but I am a fan of giving good artists a chance by listening to their stuff over and over before I judge it. That said...here it is...track by track! Enjoy!

Track 1 - Closer
You know u love it! Heard it a million times. Great! We got it out of the way...movin' on!

Track 2 - Nobody
Great follow up. Keep the momentum going. Sounds like a single down the line. (You know ne-yo releases like 7 singles per album anyway)

Track 3 - Single
Very Polow Da Don-ish...reminiscent of Love In The Club. Just happens to be a better concept. It's like Love In The Club was the first draft and this is the polished version. LOVE this track! This has to be my favorite track on this album! Absolutely hate the fact that New Kids On The Block has a version of this song featuring Ne-Yo tho...BAD move (on ne-yo's part of course).

Track 4 - Mad
Exactly what you expect from a ne-yo album. A sweet make up song that you'll find yourself singing in the car, shower, or wherever you usually sing along.

Track 5 - Miss Independent
Perfect for a second single. There's nothing like a man singing about independent women to make us all raise a glass and dance with our friends at the club! This could've been sappy but instead it's a sexy song I guarantee we'll enjoy years later.

Track 6 - Why Does She Stay
I have to admit this one took me a few listens to get into. The concept is great but it almost reminds me of an interlude. The music could drop 1 minute in and fade away into the next song and I'd be ok with it. It's still a sweet song and I don't feel the need to take my ipod out of my bag and switch to the next song.

Track 7 - Fade Into The Background
Storytelling through songwriting at it's best! You can picture this situation from start to finish. Great song that truly shows ne-yo's writing skills!

Track 8 - So You Can Cry
Still can't get past the John Legend "Let's Go To The Park" type of sing-songy, finger-snapping-ness of this song. It annoys me and makes me switch to the next track by the time I hit the second verse. In all fairness...when u ignore that aspect of it...the lyrics and the approach ne-yo takes is great! I'll get over it after a few more listens.

Track 9 - Part Of The List
Strong song! This is the song you always expect towards the end of the album. The one where you find yourself singing even louder and possibly closing your eyes and pumping your fists SWEARING you have an amazing voice. (Or maybe that's just me lol) Needless to say I like this one.

Track 10 - Back To What You Know
The topic of this song is pretty interesting and it gives ne-yo a good look. This song couldve been given to a female singer like Beyonce or someone badass like that and it wouldve worked just as well! Ne-Yo is pretty kickass on this one! Love It!!

Track 11 - Lie To Me
At first listen the repetitiveness of the line "lie to me" makes u be like "ok shut up!" But this song is so hot when you get past that! Once you get to the middle...you find yourself saying "Michael?? Is that you? Are you back??" The echoing definitely makes you think you're listening to MJ and not Ne-Yo. Makes you think about the wonders Ne-Yo could work for Michael. (Hold your horses...I'm not saying MJ needs Ne-Yo to work wonders...but it would be a nice bond!) Anyway...LOVE IT!

Track 12 - Stop This World
Eh...this one doesn't cut it for me. This is a bit too "I believe I can fly" but in a love song. No thanks! The album ends at Track 11 for me.


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